March Newsletter

       March was a GREAT month in the Plums class!! The students LOVED our community helpers theme!      The pretend play center was a student favorite this month. It was transformed into a fire station, police station, dentist office, doctor office and a construction site (which was the favorite!!) They had so much fun dressing up. :)      We've continued to work hard on our math skills during math small group. We've worked  on counting and number identification, following directions that contain prepositions (on, under, beside, behind, in front of, etc), completing patterns and making shapes.      We've also worked hard during literacy group! We've continued to work on  letter identification, letter sounds, spelling and writing our names, beginning sounds of words and rhyming words. They are all making so much progress!      We've read some fun books this  month! Each week we read about a new community helper! They all LOVE story time and do a great job answering

February Newsletter

February was a great month in the Plums Class!! We completed our Friendship Theme and started our Community Helpers Theme.  We focused on working together during our Friendship Unit. We painted together as a class and in pairs. We made a friendship chain. We discussed what makes you a good friend. The students had the best answers. Here are some examples..."being kind," "not hurting one another," "saying I love you," "sharing," "listening" and "playing together." We discussed what being kind meant and ways we can be kind to one another. We tied our Friendship Unit into Valentines Day. The kids had so much fun passing out Valentines and decorating Valentines cookies.  We've continued to focus on letter identification, letter sound identification, capital/lowercase letter matching and answering wh- questions after a story is read during literacy group.  We've practiced counting skills, identifying numbers, measuring obje